Surf Canaries Forest


You can be part of it by getting us to plant your own tree!


We are proud to announce our reforestation of Gran Canaria project in collaboration with Foresta Foundation and the Canarian Government. 


We would like to offer you, our surfers and friends, the opportunity to own a tree on Gran Canaria and be part of this amazing project. The cost to plant a tree and to maintain it until maturity is 12€ per tree. 


Whether it is just to dedicate a tree to somebody special, or to carbon offset your vacations or year's activities (each tree absorbs approx. 10 kilos of carbon dioxide a year) in a world that increasingly needs our help against climate change, we can now be all part of the solution.  


The first batch of trees will be planted on the 12th of January by our team of young surfers from the island. Each child will take responsibility over several trees by planting them and contacting you via the surf school to let you know its GPS location and to send you your "tree certificate".

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