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The DREDGER has been designed with performance in in mind. Surfed at your normal length by intermediate to experienced surfers. The design has a lower rocker with a slightly fuller nose and tail. The excitement is in the High Bump 14" from the tail which gives this board its loosness. The board performs well in small to medium size waves and for those bigger days a larger set of stiffer fins turns the board into a good board for overhead surf. Concaves are medium single to double with a destinctive "v" in the tail. The board performs best as a squash tail.

Surf Canaries
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  • 2 hours: 20,-  €
  • 1 day: 25,- €
  • 2 days: 50,- €
  • 3 days: 70,- €
  • 4 days: 90,- €
  • 5 days: 105,- €
  • 6 or 7 days: 120,- €


For all premium rentals, we need a valid ID card and a deposit of € 150,-.

Surf Canaries
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