Clayton Test Center and Warehouse Outlet


Clayton Surfboards from South Africa are riddden by a number of WQS chargers and very popular in the Canary Islands

TRY SOMETHING NEW!! One day a quad, one day an egg, thruster or fish, you can change your boards as often as your board-shorts!


Our premium rental boards are brand new high-performance custom boards from South African shaper Clayton - check the models on


Choose between a 5'6'' Egg, 5'8'' Biskit, 6'1'' Thruster - The Project, 6'4 Thruster - The Dredger, 6'4 Epoxy Thruster Swallow Tail.



  • 2 hours: 20,-  €
  • 1 day: 25,- €
  • 2 days: 50,- €
  • 3 days: 70,- €
  • 4 days: 90,- €
  • 5 days: 105,- €
  • 6 or 7 days: 120,- €

Please remember to bring a valid ID and a deposit of € 150,- in cash or frozen on your credit card for premium board rentals.



When engaging in the rental or use of our equipment you agree to accept all responsibility to maintain the condition and whereabouts of all the equipment rented for the entire rental period and to pay all repair and/or replacement costs for any damage or theft that may occur to equipment during the rental period. Maximum limit of liability for surfboard damage and loss is €300.

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